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I am not an activist of any sort. If there really is a cause I would champion however, rest assure that it would be something animal/plant/environmentally related; I am the least interested in anything related to my own species.

However that being said, I do not take kindly to derogatory bashing remarks towards my own community. I may not be a fervent support of Pink Dot, and all that organizations, and while I don't seem to be affected much by 377A, I do recognise that I am still part of the community.

Spewing forth volatile hate speech towards gays, peppering liberally with choice words like faggots really made me lose any form of respect for you. What is even more surprising, or even ironic, is that all these are coming from a fellow gay person, or so he heavily claims. He cites that our attention queen wannabes are the drug taking sluts with utterly no morals, like trying to "rape him while he was drunk". He argues further that we must be policed, short of herding us into concentration camps, and then that's where I lost him in his sea of hatred. Something about class system and all that.

Apparently there are no men trying to rape women in the heterosexual world. No heterosexuals take drugs as well; only homosexuals take drugs. Only "faggots" love to club endlessly and once they spot any man, they rush towards him in their feverish attempt to rape him. He is also so gorgeous that every gay man wants to suck his cock. The list goes on and on and on and on. The amount of self-righteousness coming from him simply sickens me.

So anyway, I have unfriend him on Facebook, and since we never met in the first place, I feel nothing in removing him. Even though we are on the same "side" in terms of certain ideals and beliefs for our country, rest assure that we are not friends. Not after his not just once, but numerous hate speech on faggots and how 377A is good for society, with all the straight people on his list reading through that. It pisses me off that instead of trying to work together, he is simply attributing his personal experiences and then blacklisting the entire community of gay people. What is even laudable that his "life experiences" are that so far are of a twenty year old person. Apparently at age 20, he is of the ripe sagely age to pass comments on lifestyle and judge an entire community of people based on the actions of a small faction.

In short, continue to rant on the atrocities of faggots, cocksuckers and utterly moral-less sluts. Continue to scream for fire and brimstone on the evils of gay people. I am sure the straight people on your list applauds you for revealing just how depraved and vile we faggots truly are

P.S. While we stand together in solidarity in our beliefs for a better Singapore, henceforth you go your own righteous path while the faggot me will walk down the path to hell.

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Nov. 10th, 2013 02:09 pm (UTC)
is he the infamous Patrick Lee?
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