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Male or Female? Man or Woman?

Unless you have been living in the bottom of the well, or on some remote parts of the Himalayas, chances are high that you would have read about the news about the beauty pageant, Miss Universe now allowing transgendered women to participate after a massive media outcry following its initial termination of Miss Jenna Talackova Canada.

GLBT groups were in uproar, and as well as women's groups, religious group(but of course!) and just about every human rights groups and many other social groups jumping into the fray of the fiercely debated topic.

Personally for myself, I find that I am sitting in the middle of the fence, with both sides of the grass just as green.

The part that is against the decision is that if you were to allow a transwoman to participate in a traditionally female contest, then if you were to turn it backwards, would you allow a transman to participate in for example Manhunt? Would a naturally born female be eligible to participate in a Transwoman contest? Or can a transman join the weightlifting contest for males?

These sex contest are there for a reason, and that is for members of the same sex to compete against each other using sex based traits and skills to determine the winner. I don't think gay men would be especially welcoming towards a winner of Manhunt being a transman and neither would the contestants.

However that being said, the thing about transgendered people is that they identify with the sex that they are supposed to be. They do not see themselves as gay or lesbian. They are simply born in the wrong sex body and want to correct the error. So technically speaking, like for the case of Miss Jenna, she sees herself as a woman in both sex and gender, minus the factual physical sex error. 

So how can you deny a woman her rights?

This is the part where it gets very grey to me. Do I allow her to participate because she is a woman in every right, or do I not allow her to participate because genetically wise she is still male?


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